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  • Easy Pulled Chicken Wraps


    These wraps are so insanely easy, I wish I had known about them sooner. In fact, making wraps can be a breeze. You simply gather the ingredients, place them all in the centre of the paper like bread, and wrap it up. As a simple equation to remember: wraps are normally 1 part meat, 1 […]

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  • Boost Your Mood Foods


    Before we begin, a note: Happy New Year, cravers! We did it! I want to take a quick moment out of this post to say thank you to all you wonderful readers for supporting the Craver’s Guide and for making it popular (once again!) I feel truly blessed to be able to live out my […]

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  • Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe


    I LOVE chocolate cake. I really do. And not the kind with the fudge, and the cream, and mousse or whatever else, but simple, old fashioned and delicious chocolate cake. Made with heart, cocoa, vanilla, good quality flour and a hearty appetite. This is kind of cake recipe I found with Nigella Lawson’s Old Fashioned […]