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  • 21 Meatless Protein Sources


    Meatless protein sources can be just as good (or sometimes even better) than their animal counterparts. If you’re going for health over it all, a good balance of both will do. But for vegetarians and vegans, meatless source of protein and other nutrients are essential to everyday life! I am no vegetarian: chicken breast and […]

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  • National Day Feasting at MBS

    Buffet at RISE restaurant

    Happy National Day folks! Well, not quite, but heck, I don’t see why we cannot celebrate our great nation’s independence for a whole month. A believe, that I may point out, seems to coincide with that of Marina Bay Sands’ as well. This August, enjoy special promotions and exclusive offers on selected dining outlets in […]

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  • Beautiful Bandung: A Photo Diary


      Bandung was a a 5D4N affair during Chinese New Year early this year. While the animals were fabulous and the weather was welcoming and cool, the traffic and food weren’t. Will I go to Bandung again? Perhaps for the to see the animals at the animal safari. Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures! Drop me […]

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  • Boosting the effects of Tea!


    In the hot and sticky Singapore climate, iced tea is our go-to friend when we need a break from the harsh weather. Most teas in stores are full of additives, mainly sugars, that do more harm to your body than good. I did some digging around, being a tea-obsessed person myself. We already know the basics of […]

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  • Cameron Highlands: A Photo Diary


    A short, 3D2N trip I took to Cameron Highlands last year. Yes, its a very late post, but pictures speak a thousand words and it took me some time to get these in order. Cameron is known for everything that you see above, stunning, breathtaking views of tea plantations, cool weather and fresh vegetables and […]

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  • Easy Thai Red Curry Hummus


    Thai food is a blessing, truly. But it can also be quite polarising – its either you like it or you don’t. When trying Thai food, always be ready for that kick of flavour that’ll hit you once you swallow your first mouthful. I decipher it as mainly the lemongrass and galangal which are in […]