One of the biggest challenges in blogging is in putting yourself out there. I remember blogging in my youth, as an impressionable teenager who had no idea what blogging was but wanting a blog because everyone else had one. I discussed things that bore no significance to who I was, but thought might attract readers. This became a problem in my life, as I grew older. I forgot to remain authentic in my writing. I wrote and researched and wrote not to express my passions and be the best version of myself, but to simple be the best.  And I was never able to succeed. Even if I did, my success fell short.

So this is me changing things around – I am bringing the focus back to me and who I am. I love cooking and eating healthy (sometimes), hearty (always) food, since my first introduction to cooking at thirteen. When I’m not pottering about the kitchen trying my level best to break the usual rules of cooking, I travel. Not just to learn about other cultures but to eat their food, as well. In food, you can find culture, soul, love and life. So as long as it doesn’t involve roasted porcupines on a skewer, I’m down for trying new things.

With this blog, I want readers to be inspired to pick up a spatula and know that they can cook at the drop of a hat – anyone can!. Cooking is knowledge like English or Mathematics. You can study it, learn it and master it with determination. This blog will be about me – my experiments with new recipes, some of the best places to eat, and my favourite destinations (both places that I’ve been to and places I’d like to go in the future).

Some readers of this blog will remember Cravings!, the original print magazine. This is the online-sister of the print. I stopped printing Cravings! (a beautiful publication, even if I do say so myself, thanks to a very talented designer I worked with) because I decided to stop spending money on printing a magazine that was widely read but not sponsored enough.

Before ending this post (which is the most honest piece I’ve ever written sans my personal journal), I want to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another when I was trying to keep afloat 2 magazines (BeWicked and Cravings!), managing team members, advertisers, clients and people who simply wanted to be featured. Thank you for the sourcing, the searching and the unwavering support. And I hope you will join me as I resurrect Cravings!, the publication that truly spoke to me. As for the demise of BeWicked – I am sad to see it go, but something had to give.

I’m moving on in 2016 as a happier person, with an honest food and travel blog, Cravings!. I cannot wait for you, my readers and friends, to cook, travel and eat with me. If you have anything you need to know about the recipes shared here or the go to places I’ve shared, email me at krishy@thecraversguide.com! I cannot promise that I will have the answers to all your questions, but I can promise to learn with you. Happy cooking!