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Happy New Year Dear Readers!

By the grace of a very loving God, we have all made it through another year. BeWicked (and the team, although we would like to deny it as much as we possibly can) has grown a year older. We have gained new experiences, lost old friends, learnt how to cook new things, found out that yoga doesn’t really work for everyone and most importantly learnt that finding your life’s purpose should be your purpose.

2014 didn’t go that easy though, in my opinion. I felt the pain of those who lost their loved ones over a flurry of different disasters, both natural and man-made – the most recent being the Air Asia plane crash on its way from Surabaya to our sunny shores here in Singapore. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost control upon seeing the floating corpses. That moment of grief is something that will probably stay with them for the rest of their lives and for that, I pray that this journey be made easier for them.

On a more exciting note, 2014 has blessed us with the best too! New technology and new moves towards ultimately understanding our place in this world would be a huge plus. If you haven’t quite arrived at finding your place in the world, there’s always my favorite place to start searching: through the food we eat. We eat everyday, almost as an after thought, without thinking about how essential the food is to us, our culture and how it speaks volumes of who we really are. In light of Cravings! turning 1, I managed to develop a few new recipes, particularly for Valentine’s Day. We have also repackaged Cravings!, so if you subscribe to the e-mag on your smart phones/tablets, you get access to more recipes and more articles.

So behold, our work: Cravings! Issue 5!

In total, it has been a rocky 2014, with losses and gains all the same. But hey, we have a whole year ahead of us, waiting for us to paint in any way we choose. What colors do you plan to use?

Happy Reading!





Welcome to the new BeWicked Magazine!

We have tirelessly worked over the past 2 years to bring you the best, most dynamic articles that tug at your heartstrings and then some more, with wonderful places to dine out and even more delicious recipes to create and throw a party at home. With this new website, we are plunging even deeper into the humanistic direction.

We have established what we all want to know about BeWicked – its a magazine that incorporates the many best things in the world of women under one roof, and enables us all to be a little wicked, a little different, and little more bolder and advertnourous. But the try meaning, the core message behind this is in being yourself, being in touch with who you truly are on the inside and how to use this person on the inside that you have discovered, to change the world.

All of us have been put on this earth to fulfill a destiny, we all have dreams, ambitions and goals, and a greater purpose. At BeWicked, we are on the constant search, starting with the launch of this website, to bring you the most current social issues that plague out planet to create an awareness and to stir change. At the same time, we are also researching on articles that have a greater meaning, that enable you, our wonderful readers, to start your journey of self discovery, to live the life of you dreams and remind yourself everyday the power of you and your heart.

Join us in the march to Be Wicked. It is, after all, and excitingly wicked journey.


Krishy Mal