12 New Kuala Lumpur cafes to check out in 2024

Kuala Lumpur has a dearth of cafes waiting to be explored, each better than the next. Here’s a definitive list of 12 cafes in Kuala Lumpur to check out when you’re there!

Kuala Lumpur, a city known for its diverse culinary culture, is home to a thriving cafe scene that continually surprises and delights coffee and food enthusiasts. As the city evolves, new cafes emerge, each offering a unique experience and culinary creativity that sets them apart.

 If you’re in search of the latest and greatest cafes in KL, you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a list of ten exciting and innovative cafes that are redefining the cafe culture in the heart of Malaysia’s capital. From hidden gems in urban jungles to serene sanctuaries nestled amidst bustling streets, this is your guide to the top 12 new cafes to explore in KL.

Feeka Coffee Roasters, Bukit Bintang

Orange French Toast in Feeka KL
Orange French Toast in Feeka KL
Stack of chocolate chip pancakes Feeka KL
Stack of chocolate chip pancakes from Feeka KL
Feeka's Chicken sausage on brioche bun
Feeka’s Chicken sausage on brioche bun

I first discovered this cafe back in 2018. Since then, I have made it a point to go back to this cafe every single time I’m in KL. The food and coffee especially, has been consistently good. Friendly staff, good quality ingredients and its convenient location make this cafe a must-visit when you’re in town. It’s located in Bukit Bintang, but just inside enough to be away from the hustle and bustle of this area. 

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Lisette’s bread spread
Lisette’s coffee and ice milo
Lisette’s coffee and ice milo

I’ve been to Lisette’s twice, and it’s easy to see why this place attracts so many Instagrammers – it’s so gorgeous! They have an entire wall made out of pink roses that are perfect for pictures. You can even sit in front of the rose wall, though they are not real roses. 

The food at Lisette’s has a local flare, with sambal and traditional fried chicken-meets-waffles vibes. They have very good coffee, friendly staff and a large and spacious setting. What’s better – you can even order a cup of iced milo here. 

This cafe also has a wide selection of cakes and bakes, all fresh and made daily. Looking at it all, it’s easy to be spoilt for choice.  Located in Bangsar, you’ll need a grab to access this cafe. It’s right next to The Lankan Crab, a Sri Lankan crab place that’s amazing in itself! 

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Check them out here

Kenny Hill’s Coffee 

Kenny Hill's Coffee Chicken Panini
Kenny Hill’s Coffee Chicken Panini

They have a few branches, though the one we went to is in KLCC. Yes yes, I know, a very touristy place. But, the coffee was good, the chicken sandwich was crispy and juicy in all the right places and the staff were happy to see customers. If you ask me, it’s a recipe for success. 

They also have cakes and bakes to try, though I’d highly recommend trying their sandwiches and fresh bread. If you’re looking to buy back some cookies, they have these too! 

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The hill is high but not too far, check them out

Breakfast Thieves APW Bangsar

Breakfast Thieves soft shell crab burger
Breakfast Thieves soft shell crab burger

APW Bangsar is a must-visit for me. This old printing shop converted into a community space houses several restaurants, cafes and retail shops for eager shoppers. Though, it’s not commercial in the sense that it has shops that you can’t find in popular malls. 

Breakfast Thieves is also a chain, with a couple of outlets under their belt. They have a friendly, buzzy vibe with a fantastic all-day breakfast menu. Coffee is pretty good too, along with their fresh juices and morning mocktails. 

This place is most accessible via Grab, as it’s not near a train station. You can walk technically, in which case the closest MRT station would be Bangsar station. Also, while you’re here, you’ll want to try their Basque cheesecake place too. 

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Bask, APW Bangsar

Oozy Basque Cheesecakes at BASK KL

Aaahhh the wonders of a baked cheesecake. This cafe ONLY sells Basque Cheesecakes, complete with a soft, oozy centre. They even have a signature way of plating the dessert: on its side with some of the cheese spilling out seductively. There’s also a large dollop of fresh cream, just to add to the richness of your cheesecake experience. 

The place itself hits different, with almost ‘fancy club’ vibes. Think polished teakwood and deep green accents. 

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Creamy and addictive, get your cheesecake fill here

Bröom, Bukit Bintang

Prawn Sambal on egg and sourdough toast in Broom Bukit Bintang
Prawn Sambal on egg and sourdough toast, Broom Bukit Bintang
Iced Latte in Broom Cafe Bukit Bintang
Iced Latte, Broom Cafe Bukit Bintang

Is this pronounced in a way I don’t know? This cafe is VIBES. Beautifully decorated and styled, this duplex space has ample seating and Instagrammable corners everywhere. It’s not close to any train station though, so I would recommend walking over. 

I had a very delicious sourdough toast, slathered with spicy mayo, topped with a fluffy omelette, which was then topped with sambal udang and finished with fried onions. It was so good that my eyes rolled back. 

Plus I just enjoyed being here. The vibes were so warm and welcoming that I didn’t want to leave. 

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Artisan bakes? Yes please. Check them out here

LOKL Coffee Co

This cafe has been here a long time. Tucked away near Masjid India station, LOKL Cafe has Western items on the menu, inspired by local ingredients and dishes. For example, the coconut pancakes with gula melaka drizzle were really something, bringing together the smokey flavours of Gula Melaka with soft, fluffy coconut pancakes. 

They also do a delicious breakfast spread, and tasty, home-ground coffee. The cafe itself is spacious, though it can fill up quickly as they are quite popular.

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Support LOKL here

Merchant’s Lane

Nasi Lemak Pancakes with Chicken Rendang at Merchant's Lane
Nasi Lemak Pancakes with Chicken Rendang, Merchant’s Lane KL

This one is another that took Colonialist influences in the best way possible. How? Try Nasi Lemak Pancakes. Essentially, coconut pancakes served with a side of the usual Nasi Lemak accoutrements such as fried peanuts, anchovies and a bomb-ass Chicken Renang. The meat was so tender that it fell off the fork when I tried to lift it. 

This place is very easy to miss, so keep a keen eye out. It’s opposite Four Points by Sheraton, where you can also find many other cafes and restaurants. 

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103 Coffee

Kuala Lumpur Cafe on The Cravers Guide 103 coffee prawn tempura sandwich
Prawn Tempura Sandwich with Wasabi Mayo
Kuala Lumpur Cafe on The Cravers Guide 103 coffee christmas latte
The Christmas Latte

Artisanal coffee? Sign me up. The coffee here is so good, it goes down like honey. They have seasonal blends, prepared by their award-winning barista. They also do rather intricate coffee foam art. 

But that’s not all – breakfastgoers will be delighted with a delicious range of items on the menu. I’d recommend the shrimp tempura sandwich with Wasabi mayo. The bread was pillow-soft inside and perfectly crunchy on the outside. 

Not difficult to get to – totally walkable from Medan Tuanku monorail station. 

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Smooth sensational coffee here

Looking for a quick 3-day itinerary in KL? Look no further.

Ben’s by the BIG Group

Tomato Cream Pasta with Shredded chicken and Basil leaves in Ben's in KLCC
Tomato Cream Pasta with Shredded chicken and Basil leaves

Ben’s is not a small, or new, brand. Spanning artisanal food merchandise, restaurants, cafes and a speciality grocer that begs for you to spend your money. Ben’s has a few outlets, but the one at KLCC shopping centre is a perfect place to catch a break while shopping. 

Try their burgers, pasta or even cakes. Heck, they have scones which a divine! Pretty much everything on the menu is more than just decent, and you won’t regret your trip.

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Want to shop for groceries? Check them out here

VCR, Bangsar

VCR Cafe in Bangsar serves up delicious American breakfast with latte

This place opens early for breakfast, which is great. VCR has a few outlets, including some in fancy malls. However, their standalone cafes have a comfy, homely atmosphere that’s quite addictive. 

Try their traditional English muffin with chicken sausage, Middle-eastern Shakshuka and of course, classic Big Breakfast. All dishes here are good, prices are friendly and staff are kind. Coffee? Perfect. 

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Check out what they do here.

Bean Brothers, The Linc KL

Kuala Lumpur Cafe on The Cravers Guide Bean Brothers Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This cafe truly surprised me. We know Bean Brothers is pretty popular in Kuala Lumpur, but now we know why! The grilled cheese breakfast sandwich was divine, along with a lovely cup of coffee. 

The staff are also super kind. The true USP for this place is their location – they are located inside The Linc Mall, which is a great place to walk off the calories after a delicious breakfast at Bean Brothers. My only wish is for the menu to be slightly larger. 

Reach them where they are, add their location to your Google Maps.

Want to check out their other outlets? Here’s how.  

Just 12? Nope – there’s more to come. But we’ll start the year with this. Love and light, cravers! 

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