The Drinking Guide: drinks 101

Having the right drinks, and how to get the right cures from the wrong drinks, is 101 for every adult.

So I did a little digging and came up with this list of must drinks and what you can do when you do drink something that makes everything so much louder the next morning.

The power of Ginger

No, I’m not talking about the hair colour. This humble yet spicy root is extremely versatile and so underused. Great for curing a number of illnesses, including the common cold and cutting nausea at its root (pun intended), ginger can also help you shed those extra kilos. A new research from the European Journal of Nutrition found that women who consumed dried ginger daily for 12 weeks were able to lose their weight significantly, while going through their daily motions. Ginger effectively curbs the formation of insulin, which is the culprit that helps store fats in your body. While eating raw (or dried) ginger may be a put off for many, you can incorporate it into your died by juicing it with some apples, or muddling a piece of ginger in a glass then dousing it with hot water. Drink it everyday for 12 weeks and see if you can account for a change in your waist size, too!

Alcohol, the overeater’s enabler

If you’re the sort who can finish an entire plate of maggi goreng after a night out with friends and plenty of alcohol, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that alcohol in your blood and system causes you to consume 30% more food than what you would normally eat, which is alarming. So there you have it, folks. Alcohol itself doesn’t help you pack on the pounds. Its what it makes you do that does. So the next time you’re planning to have a crazy Friday night out to celebrate the week, think carefully.


Curing the aftereffects of that Friday Night

Now we know what alcohol really makes us do; binge eat. But hey, we still need a little booze here and there. If you want to reward yourself and have a crazy night, what about your ‘next morning’? Enter fermented foods! The Korean craze that has been sweeping our nation by storm has not relented in the food department, and here’s why we should embrace it; kimchi fights hangovers. Yup, you’re not high, you read that correctly. Consuming alcohol can create an imbalance in your body’s bacterial make-up. Fermented foods such as kimchi help to keep that balance in tack, and fight off the negative effects of alcohol. It can also help your body replenish Vitamin B, which alcohol loves to get rid of.

The harming effects of bottle Ice-lemon-tea

Have you heard of phosphorus? Yup, I can see those wheels turning and bringing you back to your days in chemistry class. Phosphorus helps with bone formation and aids in digestion, making it an essential mineral to have in our diets. However, too much of it can cause considerable damage to your bone and heart. So the next time you decide to purchase store bought ice lemon tea or green tea, check the ingredient label for any ingredient that starts with the prefix phos-. This usually means that the commonly used flavor-enhancing ingredient is lurking in disproportionate amounts.

So there you have it, a very short 101 on the drinks you may be having daily (or not!) that could help and harm you. Drink responsibly, people. Even if it means you’re sipping on iced-tea.

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