Craver’s List: All about Superfoods!

The Craver’s List is a regular column I write for my e-magazine, Cravings! This is an extension of that column, for you, my online readers. The Craver’s list is all about essentials you want in your kitchen. This time around, it’s Superfoods! All the foods on this list are great for you in one way or another, and can be prepared lovingly to feed you handsomely. Go forth, and superfood yourself!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are my absolute favourite! I have them all the time instead of regular potatoes, and they cost just about as much. The ones here are purple, while the orange ones are more readily available. Either way, sweet potatoes are packed with four main nutrients: Vitamin C, Manganese, Thiamine and Potassium. Most sweet potatoes contain more that 70% of our daily intake of Vitamin C, almost double that of regular potatoes.

Whole Lentils

Lentils are high in proteins and fibre. The lentils featured here are red/orange lentils, that can be used to thicken soups and curry. In fact, the Indians use this together with yellow lentils to make Sambar, a popular vegetarian dhal curry. Aside from protein, they also contain folate, iron and potassium. Vegetarians love lentils, as they pack in so many nutrients.

Greek Pot-Set Yogurt

The lactose intolerant should pay attention; Greek Yogurt can actually help cure your lactose intolerance. Greek yoghurt has lower levels as carbohydrates and sodium, meaning lesser lactose in the product. This creamier alternative to regular yogurt has had its excess water drained, therefore being richer in probiotics and proteins.

Raw Chocolate

There was a time where everyone said chocolate was bad for you… and they are right, but not wholly. Chocolate variants, such as milk chocolate, white chocolate and the others (particularly the Kinder Bueno ones) are still bad for you, and always will be due to their sugar and fat content. But the chocolate that’s good for you is raw cacao, or if you can get your hands on that, then dark chocolate. The polyphenols (a substance that can be found in currents, wine and chocolate that make them so good for you) help to regulate  blood flow and maintain a healthy blood pressure. Who knew? More chocolates to the rescue.

Flax seeds (Or Flaxseed Meal)

Touted as the original superfood by the Kitchn, flaxseeds have a long-standing history of being incorporated into many types of foods since the time of ancient greeks. These tiny seeds are packed full of nutrients, such as fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, antioxidants, and cancer-fighting lignans. And the best part? You don’t need too much of them to get these benefits. However, flax seeds are not digestible whole, and need to be ground – otherwise they just pass out of your system naturally without being absorbed. Flaxseeds are incredibly oily, so it’s best to grind them a little at a time, as and when you need them. Flaxseed meal goes bad very easily.

Green Caviar

The new hard-hitting superfood to arrive at our sunny shores! Green Caviar is actually a type of seaweed harvested in the Okinawa region of Japan. It has been served in pubs and restaurants across Japan for a long time, famed for its high protein and mineral value and low calorie content. Some of the benefits of this ingredeints include strengthening of eye sight, bones, joints and the heart functions. Its also a solution for constipation and can prevent obesity, making this a great diet food! Green Caviar is only available online via Meal Belly, Singapore’s very own online gourmet retailer. Visit their site for more information on where to buy and how to cook this!

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