Quick Matcha Granola Yogurt Ice-Cream

In collaboration with BoxGreen Snacks

Healthy snacks are essential for any snacker, to watch the piling kilos keenly. Box Green helps us snackers by doing what we’re otherwise just too lazy to do: counting calories. The snacks from BoxGreen are all super healthy and easy on the eyes (and the palate). As a special treat, here’s a recipe for Matcha Granola Yogurt Ice Cream. I daresay this will make a pretty good breakfast, too. I mean, who wouldn’t want ice cream for breakfast, right?

Recipe adapted from the BoxGreen.co blog, by Leah.

Feel like treating yourself to some ice cream? How about learn to make some yourself! This recipe is easy, quick, and healthy. It also means that… you get to have ice cream anytime you want! 😉


Yogurt of your choice
Matcha powder
1 packet of Matchazuki Granola – Get it here!
1 packet of Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites (optional) – Get it here!


1. In a large bowl, pour in the yogurt.

2. Mix in matcha powder.

3. Add Matchazuki Granola and fold well.

4. Let it freeze for 2 hours. Serve with Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites! Yums.

Featuring snacks from: www.boxgreen.co

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