Premium Cafedirect Coffee Capsules are here!

Coffee is an acquired taste.

Yes, this is true, there are people in this world who do not quite appreciate or take to the taste of coffee. Which I can understand, having been one of these people in a past life. However, I am truly a coffee drinker. Thanks to a nasty bout of illness two years ago, I was able to cut down on this addiction (by force, and trust me this was not easy) that I had developed and now I drink coffee to appreciate it more than because it keeps me alive and kicking.

In all these years of drinking coffee, I have fallen quite in love with Cafedirect; UK’s leading brand of coffee and hot drinks that is also 100% Fair-trade. Not only does it have an overwhelmingly fair and kind story behind the production of coffee, it also has great aroma, taste and body. If you haven’t had it before, I suggest you visit your nearest grocer to try their freeze-dried coffee granules. I particularly like the Macchu Pichu variety, though they have a range you can experiment with.

But this entry is more than just about my fascination with coffee (or Cafedirect), its about Cafedirect’s new coffee capsules that steal your heart with every cup, though this does require you to have a Nespresso Machine at home (or work). Made purely from Arabica beans, each capsule contains a potent enough blend of Tanzanian and Mexican Coffee to perk up even the most seasoned coffee drinker. I like to have this black, as I did when I tasted it the first time. For those who are on the indulgent side (like I am almost all the time), this goes will with almond or regular fresh milk, providing a smooth finish. Personally, I like what it does with the almond milk – brings out the nuttiness of the coffee while keeping it smooth on the tongue.

Set your machine to ‘Lungo’ when preparing –  watered down versions of this coffee have a different taste, but how you’d like to have this is of course entirely up to you. Cafedirect responsibly represents coffee growers and small business owners who produce this amazing beans by attributing 50% of the profits from the sale of coffee directly to the source of the coffee.

Cafedirect Premium Coffee Capsules can be purchased from Fairprice Xtra and Fairprice Finest Outlets at $8.90 for a pack of 10.

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