Saybons Ready-Meals available now!

 Lovers of home-grown French food establishment Saybons can now buy pastas and soups from selected grocery stores across the country! 

Saybons ready-meals are now available in Fairprice Finest, SHELL Petrol Stations and Cold Storage, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Saybons is a home-grown French food brand that grew from a small stall in Plaza Singapura to the affordable yet delicious restaurant we all know and love. Now, fans of their classic Mushroom Soup can buy it chilled from the nearest grocery store or petrol kiosk. 

All take-home and ready-to-eat products from Saybons are officially certified halal.

Ready to eat Pasta Pots

Priced at $5.50 each, the pastas include Chilli Crab Mac & Cheese, Salmon Mac & Cheese, Chicken Aglio Olio, Beef Bolognese and Truffle mushroom. I have tried both the Chilli Crab Mac & Cheese (duh!) and the Truffle Mushroom. 

When they say Chilli Crab, they mean it! Perfectly cooked macaroni elbows sit on a bed of chilli crab sauce. The sauce carries all the classic flavours of chilli crab; a touch of heat, a whisper of sweet and a whole lotta’ crab! Saybons uses actual crab meat, so you can expect chunks and pieces of crab in your pasta. The entire serving is blanketed with a layer of grated cheddar that melts in the microwave when you reheat it. Sticky, stringy and messy – just how a mac & cheese should be. 

The Truffle Mushroom is another one that provides real bang for your buck. Made with hearty helpings of fresh button mushrooms, this creamy pasta is finished with a generous drizzle of truffle oil and a healthy (hah!) sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. This is quite a filling number and worth every cent. 

Both pasta pats were perfect single-portions. Personally, I think they are great lunch options to have. The pastas can be frozen or chilled, and reheated in the microwave or stove top. I tried both methods and I’m very delighted to report that the final dish was bellissimo


The Soups come in single-serve soup packs (250g) and take-home packs (510g). The various soups available include Seafood Bisque, Wild Mushroom, Golden Pumpkin (this was da bomb), Broccoli & Cheddar and Fresh Tomato Soups. The take-home packs come in the above varieties too, with the addition of a carrot and coriander soup. 

I have tried the Wild Mushroom as a soup and as a base for a killer pasta sauce – no regrets having had it both ways. Founder of the brand, Daphane Loke, suggests turning the Fresh Tomato Soup as a pasta sauce base. I think if you’re daring enough, many of the soups can be turned into enticing pasta sauces. 

The Wild Mushroom Soup is literally a dream! Smooth, creamy and bursting at the shrooms with flavour, it’s made with the utmost intelligence on what people want to taste when they order a mushroom soup. If you’ve been to their restaurant, be assured that the soup tastes the same! 

Go forth and soup away!

If you’re thinking of a quick fix for a dinner party, or a quiet Friday night at home with pasta and Netflix; say no more, just Saybons (I am allowed to make lame jokes, this is my blog)! All hahas aside, the Saybons variety of soups and pasta ready meals are available now island-wide, so go forth and soup away!

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