TEMPT, a new gastrobar that combines culture and cuisine

Candice Leong poses for a biopic
Candice Leong, also known as The Gluttonous Temptress

TEMPT is an alluring gastrobar featuring cross-culture cuisine. Created by Candice Leong, the gastrobar redefines the art of gourmet flavours that will stimulate your 5 senses. 

TEMPT embraces an extensive palate of exciting ingredients and cooking methods from around the world. Get ready for a meticulously selected and artfully curated menu by Candice’s dedicated kitchen team. 

The gastrobar seeks to merge traditional techniques with modern preparation methods. TEMPT uses age-old fermentation and preservation methods that incorporate routine PH and temperature level checks. This means unique and intense flavours throughout the menu. 

The semi-fine dining gastrobar has a sultry and mischievous vibe that teases your senses. French jazz to deep house tunes from Candice’s personal playlist complement the raw and exposed industrial interior. TEMPT is nestled within the walls of a magnificent 1893 heritage two-storey shophouse at 31 Purvis Street. Historical charm and contemporary grittiness come together to make this an unforgettable location.

Looking for fresh new places to eat in? Look no further.

Sustainably prepared

TEMPT is all about sustainable food preparation methods that reduce food wastage and minimise environmental impact. Corn husks leftover from their signature Deep Fried Baby Corn in Husk with Konbu Reduced Cream don’t go to waste. The corn husks are used to coat sashimi or crisps after being charred with dried seaweed. Not even the corn silk is wasted —it’s boiled with a syrup to adorn the homemade uni tofu.

Tempt-ing menu

Japanese Soy Milk Panna Cotta
Japanese Soy Milk Panna Cotta

The Japanese Soy Milk Panna Cotta ($24) brings succulent crustaceans and delicate monkfish liver (Ankimo) morsels together. It’s then crowned with sakura wood-smoked fjord trout roe (Ikura) Japanese King crab, and velvety sea urchin (+$16).

The BBQ Beef Short Rib
BBQ Beef Short Rib

The BBQ Beef Short Rib ($46) is glazed with a home-made BBQ sauce. This sauce combines flavours evoked from roasted fresh vegetables and fruits – capsicum, pineapple, Chinese pear, watermelon and sour cherries. This is accompanied by crispy deep-fried baby corn in its husk, then slathered with reduced and slightly caramelised konbu cream.

Puffed Beef Tendons
Puffed Beef Tendons

The Puffed Beef Tendons ($28) are braised, rolled, frozen, thinly-sliced and later dehydrated for two days. The bite-sized tendons are later deep-fried to perfection. The nuggets are then finished with Jamón ibérico and Kaluga caviar. 

TEMPT’s Adult “Bounty” Bar
TEMPT’s Adult “Bounty” Bar

Ready for a happy ending? TEMPT’s Adult “Bounty” Bar ($16) combines luscious shreds of coconut with a generous infusion of the tropical Malibu coconut liqueur. It comes encased within a decadent dark chocolate shell.

Tipple choices

With a strong emphasis on wine, the gastrobar showcases bottles from Italy and France. This includes nwell-known labels as well as a wide selection of low intervention and low sulfite wines.

Aside from wines, handpicked agave spirits and specially crafted cocktails are offered, too! Some of TEMPT’s signature drinks include the tangy Fermented Kumquat & Yuzu Margarita ($22) and savoury Bloodless Mary ($22). The latter utilises dripped tomato water from the flavour-packed San Marzano varietal and wasabi instead of horseradish. TEMPT also serves sake with an extra dry and clean flavour profile to enhance the umami flavours in the menu.

The cross-cultural cuisine here aims to provide a 5-sensory culinary experience that combines inventive and sustainable food preparation methods with premium ingredients from handpicked sources around the world.

Indulge in a feast at the Temptress’s table and treat your taste buds to a cornucopia of culinary delights!

Here’s where to find TEMPT.

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