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Missing Thailand like I am? Here’s a collection of Thai Recipes that have helped through my years of longing for a delicious Thai meal at the heart of Bangkok.

Thai recipes are such a big part of this blog, it’s hardly surprising that I can put this list together rather easily. With Covid-19 being on everyone’s mind as a major sore point, countries around the world have shut their borders. Our government has also warned Singaporeans against non-essential travel, which includes holidays. As creatures of habit, we’ve all been quite taken with the holiday culture; weekend trips have become a way of life. Especially with many long weekends coming up this year, we might be missing the opportunity to travel! I understand, because I might not be able to get to Bangkok this year. In light of this, I automatically turn to the one thing I know best; food. I cook recipes from the country I miss frequently, and usually that country is Thailand.

So here’s a collection of Thai recipes for you to cook up if you’re working from home, or staying indoors during these troubling times.

green curry pasta recipe
Green Curry Pasta with Prawns

This one uses Green Curry paste from M&S. But of course, you can use what suits your fancy!

Green Curry from Scratch!

Making Green Curry from scratch has always eluded me, until this recipe! It was so ridiculously easy and the perfect weekend recipe! Plus, this is a vegan curry.

Tom Yam Soup

A quick and easy recipe for a dish that we all know and love! This classic soup can be made vegetarian, or with meat. I learnt this while in Bangkok; the cooking class was ridiculously fun!

Red Prawn Curry

You can make this prawn curry in a jiffy, especially with a store bought paste. While it looks fiery, this is a rather mild and mellow curry!

Red Curry Hummus

Love Hummus? And Thai Red Curry? Here’s an easy recipe to change up your regular hummus recipe!

Green Curry Pasta with Tuna

This is a slightly different version of Green Curry Pasta, with lots of fresh coriander and Tuna instead of prawns!

Easy Thai Grilled Chicken

One of my very popular recipes, this Thai Grilled Chicken is simply lip-smacking fantastic!

thai fried rice cravings singapore the cravers guide
Easy Thai Fried Rice

This Thai Fried Rice uses only 3 ingredients; and rice is one of the ingredients!

basil minced chicken recipe cravings
Thai Basil minced Chicken

This is another recipe that scored pretty well on Instagram, when I posted it! It’s super simple and comes full of flavour when you make it at home!

Tom Kha Gai

This soup is a coconut-milk take on Tom Yam, made traditionally with Chicken. It’s pretty easy to put together, and makes a wonderful, refreshing alternative for Tom Yam.

And there you have it, folks! A collection of Thai recipes to suit every mood! During this time of turmoil, it’s best to stay indoors and most importantly, stay calm! Enjoy cooking at home and of course, eating the lovely food! We can get through this together!

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