Turmeric: Benefits and how to consume

Turmeric has many properties, but can it go against the Coronavirus? Let’s find out. 

Turmeric is a root vegetable, very similar to ginger and its lesser-known cousin, galangal. It looks pretty much the same, all knobbly and odd-shaped. However, it differs greatly in taste and colour and has a world of benefits for the body, mind and skin. The effects of turmeric on health have become so popular that many brands are including curcumin into health supplement pills. Others have introduced turmeric pills into the market, making it convenient to include this root into our diet. 

Here’s a Chicken Kurma that’s golden in colour, thanks to Turmeric!

Colour and Taste

The turmeric root is extremely bitter in taste, especially if you were to bite into it directly. It also has a pasty, gum-like texture. This makes the rich golden-yellow colour stick to pretty much every surface it touches, including your hands and clothes. Also, the yellow stains cannot be removed; once stained they are there for life. You can wash them away from your skin (eventually) but not from your clothes or chopping boards. The best way to handle this fresh is with gloves and an apron. If you’re worried about staining your chopping board or cabinet counter, cling-wrap everything!

Turmeric latte cravings

Health Factor

Curcumin, the key enzyme in this root, is what possesses the necessary anti-bacterial components to help fight against diseases and boost the body’s immunity.

Turmeric increases antioxidants in your body gradually, with Curcumin. Curcumin is a valuable antioxidant present in turmeric that protects your body from free radicals but neutralising them. It also promotes the body to produce and retain more antioxidants. 

If you’re diabetic, this yellow root can also help in your fight against the crippling disease. While a doctor’s consultation and medication are important, including turmeric in your diet can supplement the medication. The same with cholesterol; the powdered version of this root is said to reduce build-up of fat in arteries, reducing the risks of high cholesterol and heart attacks. 

Curcumin also helps with weight-loss! The enzymes present in turmeric help to increase metabolism in the body, hence burning body fat at a faster rate. While following a regulated diet and consistent exercise is essential for weight loss, this can help to complement your efforts. An easy way to incorporate turmeric into the diet is to have it as part of your latte in the morning, or even fry it into your morning eggs! 

Your digestion and symptoms of IBS can also reduce with increased and regular consumption of this golden-hued root! 

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Turmeric & Covid-19

There’s been plenty of hearsay about turmeric being strong enough to fight the coronavirus; unfortunately none of these are proven claims. The Corona virus is a unique strain of organism that is still quite new in the world of healthcare, and studies are being done to see how best to fight against this virus. While turmeric can help to keep the body’s immunity high, it must be consumed (with doctor’s regulations, of course) on a long-term basis for any pronounced effects to take place in the body. 

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