Jungle: Singapore’s bold salute to Thai cuisine

Jungle Bar and Grill Ann Siang Hill Interior

Heading to Ann Siang Hill? The Jungle beckons, with everything OTHER than the usual Pad Thai.

The deets you need: 

Ditch the Pad Thai! Jungle, a new Thai grill and bar, differs from your average spot. This Ann Siang Hill gem draws inspiration from Thailand’s rich food heritage, offering a curated selection of regional specialities. Expect dishes bursting with flavour, thanks to carefully sourced ingredients, hand-pounded curry pastes, and some fire-grilling magic.

Jungle isn’t just about the food, though. Taking cues from Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife, the restaurant offers a laid-back yet artfully crafted experience. An open kitchen lets you witness the culinary alchemy, while classic funk and soul tunes set the mood for a delightful evening.

Here’s what to expect: 

Jungle Bar and Grill Ann Siang Hill Lemongrass Pomelo Salad
  • Pomelo-Lemongrass Salad: I had a lemongrass salad in Ayutthaya, and my perspective on lemongrass changed completely. This vibrant starter offers a delightful balance of sweet and tangy flavours. Think Thai pomelo, pops of flavour from dried shrimp, and a touch of sweetness from homemade candied coconut.
Jungle Bar and Grill Ann Siang Hill Duck Larb
  • Northern Duck Larb: A rare find outside of rural Thailand, this dish features a robust and layered blend of herbs, spices, and chillies. The fresh lime leaves and juicy meat give diners a refreshing experience when compared with the usual Chicken or Pork Larb.
Jungle Bar and Grill Ann Siang Hill Chicken Skewers
  • Southern Style Charcoal Grilled Chicken: Jungle’s take on the classic Gai Golae is a revelation. Succulent and bursting with flavour, this dish is a testament to their grilling expertise. Slow-cooked over hot embers and generously coated with a house-made red curry glaze, these skewers of tender chicken meat offer a delightful combination of smoky and spicy flavours.
Jungle Bar and Grill Ann Siang Hill grilled pork jowl
  • Sugarcane Smoked Pork Jowl: Experience sweet, smoky, umami perfection. Finished over charcoal after being smoked with lychee wood and sugarcane, this dish delivers a unique blend of sweet, smoky, and savoury flavours.
  • Southern Crab Yellow Curry: This dish is known to pack a punch, thanks to the spicy hit. Don’t let the mellow yellow colour fool you! This curry is currently a crowd-pleaser and can run out pretty quickly (FYIP).

Dessert Table

No culinary journey is complete without a decadent finale. 

Jungle meets you at the end of your meal with their Grilled Banana Cake. This dish is pure indulgence, featuring warm, caramelised banana bathed in Gula Melaka caramel and served with creamy coconut ice cream.

Drinks to Match

Complement your meal with a beverage from Jungle’s programme. They offer a selection of house-crafted cocktails, a curated list of low-intervention wines, and a growing selection of sakes and beers.

A Neighborhood Gem

Jungle Bar and Grill Ann Siang Hill all dishes

Jungle isn’t just about trendy vibes – it delivers substance too. With its delicious food, commitment to quality, and welcoming atmosphere, Jungle is quickly becoming a neighbourhood favourite.

Whether you’re craving bold flavours, fresh seafood, or a taste of something unexpected, Jungle offers a culinary adventure unlike any other. So ditch the expectations of your typical Thai restaurant and embark on a delicious journey through Thailand’s rich food culture. Book a table, explore the menu, and experience Jungle for yourself.

The deets you need: 

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