Baan Ying Singapore’s Promotional Menu

Baan Ying Singapore has a promotional menu that promises to take you around Thailand in one very scrumptious meal! Here’s how!

Baan Ying Singapore has made quite an impact on our local food scene for serving up one authentic Thai dish after another. And you know how much we Singaporeans love a good Tom Yam. Available now till 30 September 2019, Baan Ying has a promotional menu that brings together dishes from different parts of Thailand. Diners can enjoy ‘One Meal Around Thailand’ featuring authentic flavours of North, South, North-East and Central Thailand.

Kaeng Leung Pla Kapong – Seabass in yellow curry soup – South Thailand

Award Winning

Baan Ying has been given the prestigious ‘Thai SELECT Premium’ award by the Royal Thai Government. This unique award is presented to food establishments that serve authentic Thai food in well thought-out restaurants.

While Baan Ying has been serving up tantalising Thai cuisine in Singapore since 2018, it’s been an established restaurant in Bangkok since 2012. You can read the full story on Baan Ying’s introduction here

Khao Soi Gai – Northern Thai Chicken Curry with Noodles – North Thailand

One Meal Around Thailand

The dishes in this meal are truly a gateway to Thailand. With attentive service staff ready to explain to you which part of Thailand each dish is from. I found the different Nam Prik (Chilli Paste/Sambal, if you will) to be particularly exciting. Northern Thailand’s milder flavours are introduced into the meal via Nam Prik Tah Daeng (Red Chilli Dip), the aromatic Gaeng Hang Leh (Pork Belly Curry) and the Khai Pam (Grilled Omelette).

Grilled Omelette

This is not what you’d expect when you read it on the menu. The egg is first mixed with Spring Onion and Carrot, then cooked in a banana-leaf bowl over hot coals. It eventually becomes opaque and almost custard-like. A unique way to enjoy egg during a Thai meal as opposed to having it as an omelette. 

Khai Pam (Grilled Omelette)

Som Tum Tad Salad

This popular local favourite represents the cuisine of North-Eastern Thailand, where the flavours are more bold and punchy. Making the Som Tum is really a matter of going by eye, I discovered, while trying my hand at it (it looks a lot easier than it actually is, trust me). There’s heat from the chilli padi, tang from the raw papaya, crunch from the peanuts – all brought together in a large pestle and mortar with a combination of other ingredients. 

Soup Makuer

This classic dish is accompanied by Soup Makuer (Spicy Thai Eggplant Dip) that’s also from North-Eastern Thailand. This fiery dip is very unique, therefore a must-try at Baan Ying Singapore. Thai eggplants are boiled till tender, then combined with anchovy paste and chilli powder. This creates a pungent dip that’ll bite back when you taste it. Not for the faint of heart, but worth a try.

Southern Thai Food

Southern Thai food brings together Indian, Malay and Chinese influences due to its close proximity to Malaysia. From this region, you can try the Stir-fried Bitter Bean with Shrimp. The bitter bean, otherwise known as petai in Malay, is a classic example of the Malay influence on the cuisine from this region. The juicy, plump prawns are coated with a hearty helping of Thai spices and garlic. Even if you’re not into petai, I strongly recommend you get this dish. Okay; I may be biased because of my obsession with prawns, but I don’t like petai very much and still love this dish. 

Central Thailand

One of the more prominent regions and one we may all be very familiar with – Central Thailand – brings us dishes such as Lhon Pla Kem (Salted Fish Dip), Gaeng Som Pae Sah (Fried Sea Bass in Tamarind Soup), Geang Tae Po Pla Kem (Salted Fish and Morning Glory in Coconut Milk Soup). The Fried Sea Bass is worth trying – it presents a refreshing twist on the usual dishes from central Thailand. Fresh, fleshy sea bass is first deep fried then added to a tangy, sweet and slightly spicy tamarind soup. They say soup, but this is more like a gravy that you can happily eat with rice (as I did). The dish may appear brown and dull, but do not judge its flavour by its appearance!

Gaeng Som Pae Sah (Fried Sea Bass in Tamarind Soup)

I know  most of us immediately think of Tom Yam and Steamed Fish in Lemon Sauce when it comes to Thai food. It is this reason why the One Meal Around Thailand in Baa Ying works wonders for us Thai food lovers. It allows us to explore everything else the food of this royal nation has to offer! ‘One Meal Around Thailand’ is available now till 30 September – get on board before the boat leaves! 

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